Church Location & Address: 4300 West Park Boulevard, Plano 75093 (map)

Main Office: (972) 596-6233
To reach staff directly: 469-429-ext. #
Pastoral Staff   ext  
Pastor, Head of Staff Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport 6802 email
Associate Pastor of Discipleship & Nurture Rev. Wilson Nicholson 6809 email
Associate Pastor of Family Ministries Rev. Cara Ellis 6800 email
Program Staff      
Music Ministries Director Michael King 6801 email
Office Administration Director Kris Turner 6804 email
Finance Director John Moody 6808 email
Support Staff      
Pastor/Worship & Music Admin Paul Henning 6803 email
Organist Andrew Packard   email
Worship Leader Trenton Hull   email
Family & Adult Ministries Administrator  Stefanie Tapley 6810 email
Children’s Music Director Hannah Allen   email
Facilities Coordinator Lonnie Butler 6805 email
Day School Staff Day School Office 6813  
Director Kami Connell 6811 email
Assistant Director Devon Hosey 6812 email