DatePastorSermon Title
9-17-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"God's Top Ten List, #9 Tell the Truth"
9-10-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"God's Top Ten List; #10 Be Content"
9-3-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Is it Worth It?"
8-27-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Pearls"
8-20-2023Rev. Cara Ellis"Like a Child"
8-13-23Rev. Wilson Nicholson"Wheat and Weeds"
8-6-2023Rev. Tracey DavenportThe Power of One Testimony"
7-30-2023Rev. Wilson NicholsonA Jailhouse Shocked"
7-23-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportA Surprise in Philippi"
Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Meeting Cornelius"
7-9-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Switching Sides"
7-2-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportTo Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before"
6-18-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Stand Up!"
6-11-2023Rev. Wilson Nicholson"For the Good of All"
6-4-2023Senior SundaySenior Testimonies
5-28-2023PentecostRev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"A Church on Fire!"
5-21-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Friends in High Places"
5-14-21Rev. Wilson Nicholson"The Advocate"
5-7-2023Rev. Cara Ellis"I am the way..."
4-23-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Voice of the Shepherd"
4-23-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Walking with Jesus"
4-16-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Doubts"
April 9, 2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Sharing Resurrection"
April 7, 2023
Rev. Wilson NicholsonGood Friday Tenebrae
4-2-2023Palm SundayRev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Jesus Christ Superstar"
3-26-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Dinner with Family"
3-19-2023Rev. Wilson Nicholson"Empty Chairs at the Table"
3-12-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Making Room at the Table"
3-5-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Dinner Interrupted"
2-26-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"He Eats with Tax Collectors and Sinners"
2-19-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"A Mountain Top Experience"
2-12-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Life's too short to..."
2-5-2023Rev. Wilson Nicholson"Parable of the Surfaces or the Sower?"
1-29-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Foolishness of Grace"
1-22-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Wisdom of Grace"
1-15-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Calling of Grace"
1-8-2023Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Solidarity of Grace"
1-1-2023, This service was not recorded for live stream.
12-25-2022Rev. Cara Ellis"What Now?"
12-24-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Your Gift has Arrived!"
12-18-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportAdvent Conspiracy: "Love All"
12-11-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportAdvent Conspiracy: "Give More"
12-4-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportAdvent Conspiracy: "Spend Less"
11-27-2022Rev. Wilson NicholsonAdvent Conspiracy: "Worship Fully"
11-20-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"King of the Jews"
11-13-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Rough Road Ahead"
11-6-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Communion of Saints"
10-30-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Saved by Grace"
10-23-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Mission of Grace: Enthusiastic Worship"
10-16-2022Rev. Wilson Nicholson"The Mission of Grace: Compassionate Service"
Rev. Wilson Nicholson's Service of Ordination & InstallationRev. Amy Moore"Believing Into"
10-9-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Mission of Grace: Adventurous Learning"
10-2-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Mission of Grace: Radical Welcome"
9-25-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Mission of Grace: Great Faith"
9-18-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Mission of Grace: Spirit-led"
9-11-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Mission of Grace: Christ-like"
9-4-2022Wilson Nicholson"The Lord Bless You And Keep You"
8-28-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"When God Says No"
8-21-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Changing God's Mind"
8-14-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Don't Lose Heart!'
8-7-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Do We Dare Disturb God?"
7-31-2022Sarah Rutherford"Inviting the Lord In"
7-24-2022Wilson Nicholson"A New Way Forward: Falling Short of the Promised Land"
7-17-2022Rev. Cara Ellis“A Risky Nap”
7-10-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Don't Touch the Ark!"
7-03-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Handwriting on the Wall"
6-26-2022Wilson Nicholson"Keeping the Faith: Joseph's Patience and Perseverance"
6-19-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Animal Kingdom"
6-12-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Wrestling With God"
6-5-2022Senior SundaySenior Testimonies
5-30-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Witness"
5-22-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Providence"
5-15-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"A River and a Tree"
5-8-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"This One Thing I Do"
5-1-2022Rev. Cara Ellis"A Tough Decision"
4-24-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"What Makes a Church?"
Easter Sunday
Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Last Word"
Palm Sunday
Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Jerusalem's Choice"
4-3-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"A Matter of Life and Death"
3-27-2022Rev. Cara Ellis"5+2≠12"
3-20-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Leaving Our Nets"
3-13-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Other Christmas Story"
3-6-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"I Choose Joy!"
2-27-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Take the Risk"
2-20-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Coming Home"
2-13-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Power of Respectful Conviction"
2-6-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"This is the temple of the Lord!"
1-30-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Recipe for Prayer"
1-23-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"What are you doing here, Elijah?"
1-16-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"A Most Holy Place"
Pastor Cara's Installation Service
Rev. Dr. Lil Smith"What Are We Waiting For?"
1-2-2022Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"A Clean Slate"
12-26-2021Rev. Cara Ellis"Unexpected Guests"
12-24 2021 Christmas EveRev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Prince of Peace"
12-19-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Everlasting Father"
12-12-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Mighty God"
12-5-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Wonderful Counselor"
11-28-21Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"A King Is Coming (It's Not Who You Think!)"
11-21-2021Rev. Cara Ellis"I Want That!"
Pastor Tracey's Installation Service
Rev. Dr. Cynthia Rigby"Rubbish and Resurrection"
11-14-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Power of a Promise"
11-7-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Remember Deborah"
10-31-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Battle Plans"
10-24-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"So you want to go back to Egypt?"
10-17-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Golden Calf"
10-10-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"God's Name"
10-3-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"All Things"
9-26-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Blessing"
9-19-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"In the Beginning, God . . ."
9-12-2021Rev. Cara Ellis"We are Story People"
9-5-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportTime to Heal: "The Healing Power of Service"
8-29-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportTime to Heal: "The Healing Power of Persistence"
8-22-21Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportTime to Heal: "The Healing Power of Hope"
Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportTime to Heal: "The Healing Power of Love"
8-08-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportTime to Heal: "The Healing Power of Faith
8-01-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportTime to Heal: "The Healing Power of Courage"
Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportTime to Heal: "The Healing Power of Friendship"
7-18-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportTime to Heal: "The Healing Power of Touch"
7-11-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportThe Dangerous Act of Worship: " Pass the Peace and Go Out with Joy"
7-4-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportThe Dangerous Act of Worship: "Receive the Bath and Come to the Table"
6-27-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportThe Dangerous Act of Worship: "Hear the Word and Pray the Prayers"
6-20-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportThe Dangerous Act of Worship: "Confess Your Sins and Receive Your Pardon"
6-13-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportThe Dangerous Act of Worship: "Praise the Lord and Pass the Plate"
6-7-2021Senior Recognition Sunday
5-30-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Triple It!"
Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Rushing Wind"
5-16-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Earliest Church"
5-9-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"What About the Rules?"
05-02-2010Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Right Person, Right Time, Right Place"
4-11-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Known By His Scars"
4-4-2021 EasterRev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Miracle of the Resurrection"
4-1-2021 Maundy ThursdayRev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Miracle of Humility"
3-28-2021 Palm SundayRev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Miracle of Obedience"
3-21-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Miracle of Grief"
3-14-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Miracle of Dropping Your Rock"
03-07-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Miracle of Crossing Boundaries"
02-28-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Miracle of Love"
02-21-2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"The Miracle of Saying No"
02-14-2021Rev. Cara Ellis"Holy Silence"
02/7/2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"United for Service"
01/31/2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"United Against a Common Enemy"
01/24/2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"United in Purpose"
01/17/2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"United in Christ"
01/10/2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"United in Grace"
01/3/2021Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"A New Beginning"
12/27/2020Rev. Cara Ellis"Making Room for More"
Christmas Eve
Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Is There Room?"
4th Sunday of Advent
Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Walk Each Other Home"
3rd Sunday of Advent
Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Leave the Light On"
2nd Sunday of Advent
Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Welcoming Strangers"
1st Sunday of Advent
Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Won't You Be My Neighbor?"
11/22/2020Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"A Different Kind of King"
11/15/2020Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Loving Our Neighbors as Ourselves"
11/8/2020Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Loving God With All Your Mind"
All Saints Sunday
Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Loving God With All Your Soul"
Reformation Sunday
Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Loving God With All Your Heart"
10/18/2020Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"God's Things"
10/11/2020Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"I Have Nothing to Wear!"
10/4/2020Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Rejected"
9/27/2020Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"By What Authority?"
9/20/2020Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"God is Not Fair!"
9/13/2020Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport"Don't Look Back - Press On!"
9/6/2020Rev. Cara Ellis"That's Not What I Expected"
8/30/2020Rev. Cara Ellis"Struggling to Repent"
8/23/2020Rev. Cara Ellis"Calling Us Back to Love"
Rev. Cara Ellis"Transforming Pressure"
8/9/2020Rev. Cara Ellis"I am Too Tired"
8/2/2020Rev. Cara Ellis"Partnering Together"
7/26/2020Rev. Cara Ellis"Loving My Neighbor"
7/19/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"Nesting"
7/12/2020Rev. Dr. Tracey DavenportDevotion on Esther
7/5/2020/a>Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon“One Better than the Melting Pot”
6/28/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"This is My Story"
6/21/2020Rev. Cara Ellis"This is My Story"
6/14/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"This is My Story"
6/7/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon“Ripped Apart"
5/31/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon“Native Tongues"
5/24/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"A Powerful Presence"
5/17/2020Rev. Cara Ellis“Another Advocate"
5/10/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"Like a Rolling Stone"
5/3/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"For the Comfort of the Flock"
4/26/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"On the Road Again"
4/19/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"Locked in or Out?
4/12/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"The Tomb is Empty"
4/5/2020Video not availableVideo not available
3/29/2020Rev. Jim Hawthorne"He Went in the Strength of That Food for Forty Days"
3/22/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"Finding Grace"
3/15/2020Rev. Jim Hawthorne"What's in a Name?"
3/8/20Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"Two Steps Forward, One Step Back"
3/1/20Rev. Jim Hawthorne"Fishing for People"
2/23/20Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"Do You Hear?"
2/16/230Rev. Jim Hawthorne"Raising the Bar"
2/9/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"Repairers of the Breach"
2/2/2020Rev. Jim Hawthorne"Have a Blessed Day!"
1/26/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"No Eloquent Wisdom Here"
1/19/2020Rev. Jim Hawthorne"Chosen and. Called"
1/12/2020Rev. Laura Fitzgibbon"Out of the Waters"
Weekly Sermons