Grace Presbyterian Church Session Members

Rev. Dr. Tracey Davenport, Moderator 
Rev. Cara Ellis, Associate Pastor of Family Ministries
Rev. Wilson Nicholson, Associate Pastor for Discipleship and Nurture
Laura Jones, Clerk of Session (1-year Ex Officio)

Class of 2023

Stephen Glover, Property Committee Moderator
Dave Swierenga, Worship & Music Committee Moderator
Laurie Shaw, Fellowship Committee Moderator
Steve Valenta, Christian Formation Youth Moderator

Class of 2024

Pat Harris, Finance Committee Moderator
Emily Nichols, Personnel Committee Moderator
Bonnie Moreland, Christian Formation Young Adults Moderator
Bill Urech, Mission Committee Moderator

Class of 2025

Erin Booke, Day School Committee Moderator
David Hurwich, ONC/Engagement Moderator
Lynn McCoy, Christian Formation Adults Moderator
Eme Thomas, Christian Formation Children Moderator