A New Vision for Grace

In the previous year God blessed us with new members, the completion of our facility improvements, and the continuation of a debt-free financial balance sheet. This year our Elders embrace a 3-point focus for our God-given vision. These three areas will receive the majority of our efforts in the coming  school year.

Family Ministries

We support a leadership model that ministers to north Dallas families. Our paid staff consists of a Director, an ordained Pastor, a Youth Director, and an administrative assistant, Their goal: nurture parents and children through the distinct phases of growth all families experience before high school graduation.

“Celebrating Transformed Lives”

The Elders of Grace embrace a new vision for the people of our faith community with a simple goal – share stories of God’s transforming love.  Every week in worship we will hear what God is doing to grow faithful disciples, making space for God to inspire others to share their testimony. These stories will be posted to our websites and social media.

Adult Discipleship

We are emphasizing an intentional plan to guide adults through the process of connecting from the larger church family into smaller relationship groups. Small groups – the commitment to study, fellowship, and serve together.