“Every Member a Missionary”

In 2009 Grace PC adopted a missional covenant for our church family, an affirmation of the Christian message to share God-given spiritual gifts and resources in service to others. This commitment is anchored by the slogan, “Every member a missionary.”  Grace is a tithing church, committing 10% of our annual budget in cash donations to outside mission organizations.

How do people experience this in the life of the church?

Every worship service at Grace now includes a time for worshippers to respond to a specific mission opportunity.

Our call to serve others outside the church focuses around four themes:  Hunger, Homelessness, H₂0 and Helping Hearts

Grace achieves a high level of commitment to these themes through financial and hands-on service with the following organizations:

   Hunger: Minnie’s Food Pantry
   Homelessness: Family Promise of Collin County
   H₂0: Guatemala clean water installations
   Helping Hearts: emergency mission efforts